Best Roof Choices


What Kind Of Building is It?

The most obvious way you’re going to find the best roofing option is by knowing what kind of building your structure is and what it’s used for. For commercial buildings, there are a plethora of roofing options that are perfect for factories, storage units and buildings with roofs that will see some level of foot traffic on a regular basis. While these are buildings we would automatically assume work best with a Conklin metal roof because it saves money and energy, resistant to leaks, weather and lasts for a long time, the ply roof system is perfect for those things as well; so keep an open mind about the kind of roof you actually need.

Where Is The Building Located?

Another important factor in determining what kind of roof will work best is considering where your building is located and the kinds of weather conditions it’s exposed to on a regular basis. In a location with plenty of rain year-round, a water and leak-proof roof is even more important than anywhere else. In a hot climate, having a roof that can stave off UV rays and help reduce cooling expenses is of the utmost importance. We have various roofing options that can accommodate nearly any concern you might have about your structure and where it’s located.

What’s Your Budget?

While price alone should not be the deciding factor in the kind of roofing option you pick, it’s an important consideration when you’re choosing between a few different ones. Before you remove any particular option for being “too expensive”, be sure that isn’t the exact type of roofing you need to get the job done right. If there are cheaper comparable options, ask us about a few of them so you can see which one might work out in both short-term as well as long-term costs. Choosing the option that’s cheaper in upfront costs might result in having to do more maintenance later on down the line.

How Long Do You Need It To Last?

When you’re thinking about which roofing option might work best, it’s also important to consider the lifespan of the one you’re choosing. While we have options that come with 15 year warranties, there are also options for 20 year warranties or more; including a 40-year rust-through perforation warranty on our AZ55 Galvalume Metal roofs.

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