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  1. Over 50 years experience in the roof and building industry
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  3. Less labor and man-power
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  1. 40-Year Limited rust through perforation warranty on the AZ55 Galvalume® panels
  2. 40-year limited warranty on paint

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How Existing Metal Roof is Restored With Conklin System

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Conklin Metal Roof system surface preparation

Primer: After proper surface preparation, rusted surfaces are primed with Metal Ready® Fastner Grade to prevent leaks.

Step 2: Caulking

Conklin Metal Roof system caulking

Caulking: All fastener heads are caulked with Kwik Kaulk® Fastener Grade to prevent leaks.

Step 3: Seam Treatment

Conklin Metal Roof system seam treatment

Seam Treatment: All metal seams are waterproofed with Conklin butyl tape or durable Spunflex fabric sandwiched between two layers of base coat.

Step 4: Sealing Your Roof

Conklin Metal Roof system finish coat

Finish Coat: A white, reflective top coat is applied for durability and energy efficiency.

Metal Panel Repair

To repair an existing metal roof hat channels are placed over the existing damaged roof. New metal sheeting is then placed over the hat channels.

Existing metal roof repair

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