Common Roof Issues


When it comes to roof repairs and replacement, there are some pretty common issues that always arise before repairs are usually needed. Depending on factors like the location of your structure, the weather conditions around it, age and general use; there will always be problems that pop up more than others. These common issues are ones that come up often enough for the team at Olympia Roofing to be experts in, along with many other kinds of problems and fixes. Like any kind of issue with your commercial or residential structure, it’s always better if they’re identified and addressed sooner rather than later. Finding those problems early can be the difference between needing minor repairs to a full roof replacement because the issue had gone on for too long. Here are just a few of the most common roofing problems!

Faulty Installation

This is a big one that has a lot of impact since it’s usually such an old and layered problem. Your roof not being properly installed from the beginning can dramatically reduce its lifespan and often needs to be fully replaced and reinstalled to get to the root of the problem. This is usually the case for older roofs, placed on structures from 20 years ago or more. While it can sometimes be chalked up to human error, there are some roofing materials and installation methods that have simply become outdated.

Moisture and Leaks

No matter what kind of moisture gets into your roof, from snow, ice, rain or condensation, they can all end up causing major damage to the structure and lead to things like rot and mold accumulating – causing further problems for other parts of your building that it might spread to. Sometimes, this is a result of standing or ponding water that sits on the top of your roof thanks to debris build up and gutters that have not been properly drained.


Whether it’s small burrowing animals, birds or even insects like termites if your roof has wooden elements, it’s something that can be very dangerous as they can weaken your entire roof from the inside out. Depending on how long the problem has been going on, you might need to completely replace and reinstall just to get a fresh start.


It should go without saying that having punctures in your roof, no matter the size, will cause a huge inconvenience and lead to further problems. Most of the time, roofs get damaged due to extreme weather conditions like high winds, heavy snow fall, storms and hail. It’s important to check on your roof right after any bouts of extreme weather to make sure everything is in good shape. It’s also imperative that the sealant around vents and HVAC appliance exits are checked regularly for the same reasons.

Poor Maintenance

Of course, not keeping your structure properly maintained is one of the biggest reasons your roof will have problems later on. Issues that start small might go unattended and grow into much larger problems because regular inspections or maintenance are not being done.

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