Time for a New Roof

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When it comes to roofing, it can be tricky to tell when you might need simple repairs or when the whole roof needs to be replaced. When making fixes to our homes and commercial properties, it’s natural to want to fix any issues with as little work as possible – both for the sake of staying under budget as well as any time constraints you might have. That being said, there are instances where taking that shortcut just isn’t worth it, and it makes a lot more sense to simply replace the entire roof. Here are just a few reasons why this year might be the time to replace your roofing!

It’s Been A While

Most roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years, so if the last time your roof was brand new was in the 90s, it might be a good opportunity to start over. Not only that, there have been many improvements and advancements on the materials and methods used in the process, so you’re getting a brand new roof with the most modern standards; meaning it will last for years to come. It will be important to keep an eye out for holes and leaks so you know just how far gone the roof is, even after a few repairs over the years. This is also imperative if you’ve just moved into an older house. Find out when the last forms of maintenance were done on the house and when it was built so you have a good idea of when a good time to replace it might be.

Look Around You

If for some reason you were unable to get the exact details about the house you’ve moved into, pay attention to the homes around you and the states of their roofs. If you notice a lot of renovations and repairs happening around the same time in your neighborhood – you can assume most of the houses have been up for the same amount of time, and yours might be next in line. Pay close attention to any signs of damage on your roof, whether large or small.


A big sign that your roof needs replacing is if it’s dropping in some spots, which could mean it has severe water damage. Depending on how bad it is, it might need much more than a repair, so it’s imperative that you have it looked at immediately to determine the best next steps. In many cases where it’s gotten bad, it will be in your best interest to replace the entire roof instead of attempting to simply repair it.

Moss Growth

It might look like lovely greenery, but moss growth on your roof can sometimes be a sign that there is water trapped in there there, something that will cause rot and warping, and eventually leak into your structure over time. Inspect the areas affected by the moss to see if there’s deeper issues to its growth, brush it off and go from there.

Missing Shingles

After years of terrible weather conditions, there might be plenty of missing shingles on your roof that will eventually become too cumbersome to simply keep replacing. With these missing shingles, it will be much easier for water to seap into your building and cause damage like rot. For a few missing shingles, simply replacing them might work in the interim, but for a more widespread issue it might just be time for a brand new roof. Call us today at 1-888- 781-6629 and our roofing experts will be ready to answer all your questions.
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