Preventing Leaks

A leaky roof is one of the worst things that can happen to your home and although Olympia Roofing provides excellent service aimed at fixing these issues, there are also ways you can prevent leakage on your existing, newly repaired or newly replaced roof so that it isn’t an issue you have to deal with again. Most of the time, prevention has a lot to do with regular inspection and fixing small issues early in the game to prevent them from becoming bigger problems. Leaky roofs can cause all kinds of problems and further damage to the rest of your home, so it’s important to take all the right precautions to stop it from being a problem time and time again. Here are just a few tips on preventing a leaky roof in your home! Protruding Parts Essentially, any part of your roof that juts outwards or upwards are the most common places for leaks to form, so chimneys, skylights, plumbing vents and the like. Ensure that all of these features are properly and securely flashed and isn’t in need of more sealant or repair. With vents, it will be important to make sure the neoprene or rubber that usually surrounds it is also in good condition, not needing more paint, sealant and having not been chewed by small animals that often make their way to your roof. In the event that any of these things are amiss, it will be important to fix them right away so they don’t become larger problem. It’s important to inspect your roof every in the spring and fall, and sometimes more often after instances of extreme weather. Gutters & Eavestroughs The gutter on your home is an important feature because they efficiently drain the water and debris from your roof. It’s important to know that they’ve been installed properly and sloped in just the right way to properly drain any water from your roof. It should also be tightly fastened as well. Maintaining them should be left to professionals in terms of repair, but you can clean them on on your own if you feel comfortable climbing a secured ladder. This is especially important during the fall months if you live in an area heavily covered by tree, since this is when leaves and branches are falling from above more than usual Check The Attic Sometimes, problems with your roof can be coming from the inside due to number of factors. It’s important to check your attic for things like proper ventilation, good plumbing conditions, moisture and condensation, animals or bug infestations and just making sure that everything up there is generally in good condition. Also be on the lookout for mold, wet insulation, black rings or rust which signify condensation in the attic space, high heat levels caused by lack of ventilation and intake vents that look like that might be clogged up with everything from paint to dust to spider webs. Using your attic for storage is fine, but ensure that you give yourself enough space around the room to allow for air to pass through and also allow you to inspect and check anything you might need to. Call us today at 1-888- 781-6629 and our roofing experts will be ready to answer all your questions.
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